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High quality raw materials

High quality raw materials

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The best possible quality The best possible quality

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*Designed specifically for the hospitality industry and thanks to the strong cloth cover, the sponge layers of different densities provide a truly unique experience with excellent welcome and comfort. *Specifications: *(2.4mm) Heat-treated, anti-rust and drop-down. *The frame of the steel wire surrounds the chassis of the sprocket to install the chassis against the pressure factors. *A layer of treated anti-moisture and bacteria on both sides to increase the hardness of the mattress and prevent the sensation of the swast. * A layer of sponge is pressed at 60 ° C in a two-sided surface. *A high-density sponge layer of both sides is free of calcium carbonate and has high flexibility. *Fabric Knitting Weight 250 g Processor against bacteria and bedding insects Beaded with 8 ml sponge sponge with thermal melton. *A permanent and effective ventilation system for protection against micro parasites and microbes and effective in dehumidification *Four handles of the same cloth with ventilation valves allow free distribution of air and maintain the correct thermal balance. *Height of 30 cm

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